Industrial fluctuation

May 18, 2018

One of the greatest problems of companies’ is labor fluctuation. To mitigate fluctuation, several methods can be used, well-established solutions and modern systems as well.

Design errors, sick leave, loss of income, fluctuation.

All familiar and widely used phrases, which are significantly related. We have a much greater effect on them than we would think, separately and as a whole as well. And it is not a matter of getting more comfortable chairs or coffee machines with a special roasting function to a given workplace. We are going to detail a more serious topic below.

It might seem evident, but it shall be perpetuated: workers who are satisfied and healthy at the same time represent outstanding value for the company. It is important even in a white-collar working environment and it is certainly a key factor at factories requiring significant physical fitness.

Now we have arrived at the most crucial question that should be asked by all managers: what can be done in order to make the workers satisfied, productive and loyal and furthermore, to spread the good reputation of the company?

If someone would underestimate the matter at hand, it is recommended to spend a few minutes browsing Google. Searching for the world ‘fluctuation’, numerous related articles are to be listed. According to the studies, at one-fourth of the companies’ fluctuation exceeds ten percent. Moreover, 24 percent of the newcomers are about to leave the company in a short time. As a matter of fact, even a 60-80 percent fluctuation is common… Scary numbers.

Why does fluctuation cause such a problem?

Fluctuation can be very problematic, because the recruitment, labor shortage, medical examinations, fire and labor safety training are all additional costs for the companies. Surveys point out that finding the right candidate takes more than two months, and 3-6 months are required for a trained worker to work with full efficiency.

Not to mention that the high fluctuation rate can cause a cutback in production which can lead to economic disadvantages. 

Therefore, it is evident, that fluctuation is a problem that has to be dealt with. A minimal rate of fluctuation can be useful, the labor base can be renewed at a given company, but a significant rate can cause great difficulties.

How can we prevent the ever-increasing fluctuation?

Labor fluctuation can primarily be prevented by caring. Workers react fast to even the slightest sign of caring. Satisfied, committed employees contribute significantly to the profit, which can be measured financially as well. 

Certainly, there are well established, evident methods to reduce fluctuation, such as salary compensation, the increase of various benefits, or contribution to possible medical care.

However, these are all subsequent solutions. Just like in many other areas of life, prevention and caring for employees should be more important. It is also essential to keep in mind that employees of different age, gender and skills need different solutions.

In respect of the proper working conditions, prevention means the optimal design of production lines. In order to do this, the production line to be introduced must be subjected to various types of tests - of course, the existing production lines can also be corrected after the studies - and to carry this out you don’t need to physically assemble the whole workspace.

With the help of ergonomic measurements of the workplace, health-harming factors can be noticed and changed; even work-relieving methods can be established making easier for workers to do their job without injuries and improve fluctuation rate.

If you are interested more in fluctuation prevention, we recommend to read this blog post as well.


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