What comes after the ergonomic measurement?!

August 17, 2021

Nowadays, with the development of technology and tools, more and more delicate analyses are possible. Accuracy is the key to discover the causes and problems!

Xsens motion capture is a market-leading technology capable of providing accurate data for analyses for a wide range of applications! With the recorded motion data, biomechanical, ergonomics, and even health and rehabilitation software can assess the factors in their focus.


Xsens motion capture system

Workplace ergonomics has had fast-growing importance since preserving the workforce became a primary issue. You can find ergonomic problems and forced postures, static or repeated motions in the workflow and define the exertion they mean to the workers.

 ViveLab Ergo provides tools for exploring all these aspects of the processes in the form of RULA, OWAS, NASA/OBI methods, and ISO1126 and EN1005-4 adapted standards. Even walked distances and reachability zones can be measured. Reports of analyses results are downloadable in a pdf.

ViveLab Ergo software

Once you identified the handicaps, you can start improvements. ViveLab Ergo provides a 3-dimensional modeling space where redesign and checking of options are possible. After having the analysis results: forced postures and harmful movements can be corrected, layouts redesigned, processes realigned. For proper adjustment, the built-in anthropometric databases help find solutions that fit the most workers of the company or the local population. All alterations can be re-checked for choosing the best!



ViveLab Ergo is a cloud-based ergonomic lab for modeling objects, machines and human beings moving together in a virtual 3D space. Thanks to its massive anthropometric database and 7 built-in ergonomic analyses it precisely simulates, analyzes and validates human interactions with industrial and other environments. With the help of the ViveLab Ergo the ergonomic analysis of constructions is possible in the planning phase without prototype production by simulation in the virtual space.

Our mission is to provide fast and accurate three-dimensional virtual ergonomic tests, analysis and planning for wide range of companies to create optimal working environments and workflows for health, efficiency and competitiveness.

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