OHS Trends 2021, Summary

March 18, 2021

With the evolving pandemic situation, many aspects of our lives change some professions have new challenges to face. Therefore the value of resilience becomes greater every day. In the past year, OHS professionals had to renew and expand the skills and tools they use to cope with these very new problems.

They have to take up the challenges of the changed working conditions. First, the use of digital tools is a boost. In the previous year, the digitalization process was accelerating already, but the status quo verifies this progress even more. Trends show that tools digitalized will stay that way after the thaw from the pandemia.


In many cases, several aspects of work conditions are out of the control of occupational professionals, so their focus has to shift. For example, by losing control over the environment, they have to fight bad habits and promote healthy living. Since they cannot inspect every home-office setup, they have to involve people and consult with them on the emerging questions and problems. Which on a global scale is also connected to social welfare issues.


Secondly, a very new angle emerges with transposing stress from the "Zero Accident Vision" to positive approaches. Highlighting employee safety and encourages the reporting of problems avoiding the demotivating impact of communicating only negative incidents. A solution they foresee is to strengthen psychological safety and safety culture by focusing on leadership and management values.


Following these visions, we tend to support the visibility of positive development so problems are perceived.


Source: Quentic, Safety Management Trend Report, 2021


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